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The Art of Saying NoIf you’re like most people (me included),  the idea of just saying “No” to just about anything or anyone is often met with one or more of the following thoughts:

“I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings”

“I’m being selfish to say no”

“Helping others is the “right” thing to do, it’s my responsibility.”

“I don’t want to make anyone upset, I’ll just stay quiet”

If you are reading this laundry list of excuses and thinking “Yes, that’s me!”, I have just one thing to say to you, STOP IT!!

Stop teaching people that it’s okay to walk all over you.  You aren’t doing anyone a favor by sending them messages that aren’t congruent with how you want to be treated. 

People can not read your mind.  

Every time you give a YES when you really mean NO you disrespect yourself.  

Why does this happen?

We live in a society that has  yet to embrace how healthy and wonderful good boundaries are.  Rarely do you see people celebrating someone delivering a good, healthy “NO”.

You will however see a shit load of memes pop up anytime someone ( usually women) finds the courage to say, “ enough is enough”.

Another reason setting healthy boundaries is so hard is often people don’t feel they are worthy of respect.  Sad but true.

They fill their self worth cup up by attempting to be everything to everyone….AKA – “People Pleaser”.

We know how well this works – IT DOESN’T. 

Why is setting healthy boundaries important? 

  • You get to know yourself better. It helps you get clear on what feels good for you and what doesn’t.
  • Boundaries keep you safe, so that you can feel comfortable being the biggest, brightest version of yourself without compromise.
  • It allows you to clearly communicate to others what you are and are not capable of.  It minimizes expectations that lead to disappointment on both sides. 

You don’t have time to sit around hoping someone realizes what you need or how amazing you are.  

You want to feel valued?
You want to be respected?
You want to feel like the queen/king that you are?

SHOW them how it’s done… choose YOU!!

Where do you need help with setting healthy boundaries in your life?  Comment below and book your complimentary session to get started.

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