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I launched my business in 2018 with one desire − help as many people as possible reconnect with their Happiness. Since that time I have an even deeper respect for my work as I have come to understand how vital Happiness is in our world right now. I have experienced first hand how a shift from negativity to happiness can create sustainable change in the world we live in.


“Coming to the Lisa Lopez Arrive@Happiness Workshop was the best thing I’ve could have ever done.”


“Lisa helped me bring to the surface things that were dug deep down inside, that I didn’t even realize I needed to unearth. From the several “rocks” that were now exposed, she had me select one “rock” that I could turn into a “gem”! More than anything I would like a partner to share my life with! I constantly sabotage my possibilities. She helped me create a new and positive perspective to help me move forward so that one day I could put a rock where it belongs, on my finger! Hours before the date, it was Lisa’s voice of positivity that gave me the courage to go and enjoy my date!

In just the one “happy moment” I had with her she has given me light to shine on my “rocks” and turn them into “gems”!

If there is something, anything at all that is holding you back from your hopes and dreams Lisa is a great excavator that will help you pave the path to your happy destination!”


“What I love most about Lisa is her high energy, her enthusiasm and her true love for what she does. I cannot recommend Lisa enough.”


“Thank you so much for your help and your work with us Lisa! We truly enjoyed it and we were so happy to have you on board.”


“We had conversations that are going to change our lives for the better.”


“I’m so happy to have attended Happiness at the Vineyard. Lisa is absolutely amazing and I would encourage anybody to step outside your box and entertain this idea. It’s fabulous.”


“Friends, family, and other acquaintances have always considered me to have it “all together.” I have a thriving career, super independent, and a zest for adventure. However, little did they know I suffer from self-doubt with shy tendencies when it comes to my personal “love life.” I have gone through counseling with successful results. Yet there was something missing to break out of my shell. I have known Lisa on a professional and personal level for some time. So it was only fitting to accept her offer to coach me. She tailored our appointments to be playful and insightful.

Lisa was creative, patient, and so positive. Lisa and I identified triggers and how to combat them. She renewed my motivation to take action of my personal goals and dreams. To this day I hum the mantras we came up with.

Thank you Lisa for being such an inspiration!”


“One of the best choices I have made in my 23 year life is taking a leap of faith and joining Lisa’s positive intelligence program!!

The main reason I joined Lisa’s program was to improve my self image and create a more positive lifestyle. Not only did her program help me accomplish these goals, but it also helped me in so many other ways; improving my relationships with my friends, coworkers, significant other, and family, increased my focus and efficiency when working on tasks, further developed my patience and problem solving skills, and increased my overall energy just to name a few!!!!

I would recommend Lisa’s program for anyone and everyone! Whether you are feeling stagnant in life and need a push, or you are a high performing professional looking to achieve more fulfillment out of your work and personal life. I can guarantee that you will come out of Lisa’s program a stronger, better, and happier version of yourself than you ever could have imagined!!”


“With Lisa’s help, I have made tremendous shifts in the way I handle situations and challenges. Working with Lisa has been instrumental in clearing barriers (and self-limiting thoughts) to achieving the life goals and dreams I have pushed away for many years.

What’s fascinating is that once I made my happiness the focus, I received financial bonuses in unexpected ways, got accepted to a post-Master’s program at Georgetown University, and shed the few extra pounds that I didn’t think would come off. Amazing what happens when you make yourself a priority. I continue to work with Lisa because she radiates light with her energy, and her happiness inspires me.”


“I joined Coach Lisa’s Positive Intelligence program to help manage my stress and negative thoughts I was having while submitting grad school applications. I decided to join her program with my boyfriend. After finishing her positive intelligence program, I quickly realized not only was I able to manage my stress better and manage my negative mindset, this program had a huge impact (positive!!!) on my relationship with my boyfriend. Our fights dwindled to calm discussions where we both were able to voice our thoughts and opinions without 1) shutting each other down, 2) no raised voices, 3) and we were able to come up with win-win situations every time. This program also flooded into other areas of my life such as friends and family. My relationships with my family and friends became stronger as I was more confident about how to voice how I felt and was able to say what I mean without beating around the bush. In the program, we also were assigned a pod group which I felt helped me understand and apply all the concepts we learned to stay in the sage mode (Join the program and you’ll understand sage mode hehe). This pod group was meant as a safe, non-judgement zone. Let me tell you, it was exactly that. I felt safe to have shared what I shared with my pod mates. It gave me a sense of community, perspective, inspiration, and held me to my commitments. Once the program ended, I definitely missed the pod meetings the most.

Although I had joined Coach Lisa’s positive intelligence program, her wisdom and guidance as a life coach also guided me to be more confident around others. She taught me how to take life’s hardest moments and turn them into opportunities to practice things I wanted to work on about myself.

When I first started, I felt burnt out, exhausted, stressed out, had anxiety, and felt stagnant. Being in this program helped me out of this stump that I was in for awhile and with the stress of grad school applications, I almost didn’t apply. I have zero regrets joining this program and could not have been more blessed to have someone like Coach Lisa to guide me through the whole process. If you’re looking for a sign to start your journey to a happier life, this is the sign!!!”


“Feeling overwhelmed with many aspects of my  life I sought out for a life coach at the recommendation of a few friends, and fortunately, came upon Lisa. After my initial consultation with her, I was elated to find out that she’s a great listener, has a great sense of humor, is very passionate about health and fitness, and above all, very compassionate. I’ve had several private sessions with her and have felt an immense weight lifted off my shoulders in many aspects of my life since my first session. She reinforces positivity and has helped me navigate through issues by providing tools that have helped me achieve happiness and manage expectations. Lisa is amazing and I’m so happy that she’s part of my life, and would highly recommend her if you’re seeking a life coach.”


“This was my first experience with a life coach or happiness coach. Most of my life I’ve been in search of this elusive feeling of happiness. During the eight week course, Lisa setup a plan and guidance to help put into perspective what happiness is. It’s not perpetual bliss and it is something that needs to be worked on (especially for people like me that easy fall into negativity and pessimism). Through conversations each week and practice, I was able to recognize the behavior and chose to change it. Lisa is an amazing person that glows whenever she speaks to you and instantly lifts you up. Her sense of humor and ability to relate to everything I talked about made me feel understood. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the program and would highly recommend it to others. If you are on a journey to find happiness, you should definitely have Lisa on that journey with you!”


“This past Saturday I attended the Vision Board workshop with Lisa. I highly recommend this event if you are ready to open your mind to new possibilities. It’s awesome to have some direction and positivity to get the juices flowing! I enjoyed myself and it was fun to connect with new people as well.”


“Meeting Lisa at the right time for me actually saved me from a very toxic work environment situation. She gave me the tools to make something happen for the better. I am now in a job that I have always wanted to be in, love my job, love my boss. I enjoy going to work every day instead of dreading it. Let me emphasize the fact that the tools she gave me removed me from a sexually harassing situation that I otherwise would have still been stuck in if I didn’t have her to guide me. She instilled the confidence that I needed.

Personal growth: always a work in progress! Lisa was my #1 fan, my cheerleader! Made herself available during the four-week session that we had. There were a few times that I needed to vent to her, and she was always there to give her wisdom. I will forever be grateful for this time with her and I know I have a friend for life. She has an amazing soul, from the moment I spoke to her first on the phone till the hug in which we departed I feel a bond that will always be there. I’m so thankful for This wonderful experience!!!!”


“Not only is Lisa a natural sunshine, motivator, and inspiration to me and to many people I know, in conjunction with her ability to communicate, connect, and distinguish your needs as an individual, her approach to your own path of happiness is very personal.”


“Before seeing Lisa, I always felt as if I was missing something. I wasn’t necessarily happy, but I wasn’t necessarily sad. I guess I felt numb.

One of my best friends, referred me to her and honestly, I am so thankful that I was fortunate enough to meet Lisa. She motivates you to become the best authentic version of yourself (which is something I really needed). Lisa is your biggest fan & she isn’t the type to bring you down. You can tell that she wants you to succeed and that she truly does care for your well being. She works WITH YOU to reach your goals & truly is a motivation. I have never seen someone so invested & caring for their clients.. Lisa is truly like a breath of fresh air; definitely someone who I needed in my life.

I didn’t know where I was going in life or what I wanted to do, but Lisa continuously pushed me in the right direction to get myself on track.

Although I am still trying to figure myself out, I intend to keep Lisa right by my side for awhile.”


“I attended Lisa’s “Arrive @ Happy” coaching event. Lisa led the packed group to discover where some of our negative thoughts and feelings stem from and gave us real tactics to train our minds to feel more joy. She has gift for listening without judgement and offering custom strategies to get unstuck from thought patterns that keep us from joy. She is dynamic, genuine and empathetic. Lisa used some personal and very relatable examples of pain and joy in her own life that moved me deeply. We are all looking to be better versions of ourselves and what better way than to learn to be more happy every day! I’d like to thank her for sharing her gifts. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a coach and speaker.”


“Life can get crazy at times. The older we get, the more responsibilities fall upon us and at times they feel so heavy upon your shoulders. At times, we lose a sense of who we were or who we want to become. Things hold you back. I love my life and wouldn’t change being a mom for anything in the world but I needed a light. Something to relight the fire within me.

Lisa didn’t relight the fire. She found the candle that needed to be lit and let me light it. Her guidance, love for people helped me light the candle. She helps organize my thoughts and set goals.

If you are feeling like I was, open your mind to the idea of a life coach. Give Lisa a call.”


“I Highly recommend Lisa’s services to anyone in need of coaching. She radiates positivity and is super genuine in her efforts to help others grow and live fuller lives. She is an absolute joy to work with and has helped change my perspective on life in so many ways. I’ve regained my confidence and developed a sense of security within myself since using her services. For so long I felt stuck in life – wanting to do and be more, but didnt know how to put the plans together to achieve my goals. I’m glad to say that is no longer the case. The peace I have now is priceless. Thank you Lisa!”


Lisa is such a joy to be around! She radiates positivity and enthusiasm for life. She is also a really kind soul that truly cares. She is super passionate about bringing positivity to people’s livelihoods – it’s contagious. I believe the ELI assessment was a helpful tool, although I wish I had taken it sooner because there were a lot of great insights to it. But I think everything happens for a reason. One thing I would offer as constructive advice is that sometimes I felt it was hard to get a hold of her or that my calls weren’t returned. But she is very responsive via text. I wouldn’t advise to let that stop you from working with her though.

Lisa’s presence reminded me that energy truly is everything, and raising your vibration can become a conscious act. Even if you think that’s a bunch of hoo ha, I encourage you to try on this mental framework, and work with Lisa. She will be your cheerleader and your champion.

*Edit* Also, Lisa goes above and beyond during sessions. She consistently spent more time with me on the phone than her session allotment, and even during the complimentary consultation, spent almost twice the time on it.


“I vulnerably reached out to Lisa to support me in obtaining some health related goals and from the moment I reach out to the moment that she began coaching me, she remained such a safe space to return to. We ended up coaching in far more areas than health and she showed up equally powerful in all areas that I needed support in.

She has an intoxicating energy that legitimately makes it hard to be anything but PUMPED while in Sessions. She has a delightful sense of humor… and definitely isn’t shy about accountability and making sure your goals are aligned and achievable.

She provides a container that creates clarity, ignites motivation and momentum, and holds space for the times when things get heavy or dark.

She’s not going to sugar coat. She will be your biggest fan. She is certainly a LIGHT.

I’m thankful for the time we have had together and the support she’s provided me during my journey. She was exactly what I needed to begin making moves in both my health, personal, marital, and family goals.”


“Lisa’s coaching helped me find the path forward in my personal career when I was feeling very lost. Her no-nonsense but yet full of energy, light, and encouraging style didn’t make it feel like coaching but working with a dear friend who’s only focus was on me. 

Her approach and tools helped me understand the process so that I could embrace the coaching to my fullest extent and let the process work.

I highly recommend Lisa for coaching for both personal, family, and career. If you are stuck – she will help you find the way.


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation with great joy for the Life Coaching Services of Lisa Lopez.

In January of 2016 I hired Ms. Lopez to assist me in my personal goal of utilizing my creativity in meaningful ways. I was at a point where many areas of my life felt “dull.” Lisa’s effervescent energy, intelligence, professional competence, and sparkling personality drew me in so I hired her immediately.

A few of the things I learned about Lisa are: (1) her tremendous capacity to read between the lines and (2) her ability to get to the core of the emotional issues I was having. Many times I didn’t even understand why I was feeling the way I was but with her empathic listening, targeted questioning, and collaborative synthesizing, I would always leave every consultation with tactical tools for self-improvement. Lisa would help me get crystal clear on the intentions behind my goals and manifesting became easy and fun.

Far greater than her Life Coaching services is the trust, camaraderie, and deep-rooted friendship we have cultivated over the past five years. Lisa is a leader in every sense of the word. She conducts her life in a manner that is 100% authentic to her and inspires others to do the same. She shares her light everywhere she goes and our world is better for it.

Lisa Lopez is someone you need on your personal development team because not only does she know what she’s doing, she’s doing the right things for all the right reasons. In my opinion, that gift is priceless.

With love and respect,

Millicent R. Dizon, Inc.


“I would set goals and accomplish them. You would think I would be a static, but I wasn’t. I have never been a person to pat myself on the back for all the things I accomplished in life. I would just make goals and fulfill them and move on.

Lisa taught me I should be proud of myself for accomplishing my goals. Pat myself on the back be happy with all the accomplishments I have done. She has so much energy, when you leave after talking to her you have a least half the energy she does. It makes you want to move on the next level and be proud. She literally bring out the happiness in you that you never thought you had in yourself. She is a leader and motivator. AWESOME COACH


“Before contacting Lisa I had contacted a number of psychiatrists and counselors and never got a response. Lisa replied to my email within hours. She immediately wanted to identify if we would be a right match and after confirming we began our sessions. I was going through the hardest time of my life and was desperate for help and Lisa helped guide me out of my rut. She listens, relaxes you, helps you focus on your goals, and genuinely wants to see you improve. She’s incredibly caring and is very flexible with her schedule. I don’t know where I’d be without her; she has played an instrumental role in the woman I have grown to be in only a month and a half and I am so grateful for her.


“I just completed a 5 week coaching program with Lisa. She is amazing. She listened to where I was and allowed my body to dictate what it needed. Consequently I am trusting my body more now. I had an injury in the past and I am moving my body now and it feels so good. This program is way more than just physical, it is emotional and spiritual. I needed accountability and Lisa was there for that wanting check-ins during the week. It was fun taking selfies of me doing movement and sending to her. I felt my fear and overcame a lot of it because Lisa was right there supporting me and being my cheerleader!! Thank you Lisa for everything!!!


“What a great event! It was one of those things where you leave with a song in your heart and a smile on your face. I have always been a happy person, but now I’m even happier. My husband went as well, and it really opened up a pretty great dialogue between us. We’ve been talking about it for a couple of days now. I can’t wait for more! Thanks so much Lisa! You truly inspire!


“I’ve been seeing Lisa now for the past 6 months and I must say that she’s taught me so much and we have really delved deep in who I am. I initially came to see her b/c an unfortunate situation happened at my work and with her, I saw that it was b/c of something that happened to me in my personal life a loooooong time ago. She has a gift in having you see yourself in a new way. Other topics have since come up in our sessions and again, I feel like I see myself in a new light, thanks to her. Highly recommend!


“I recently attended one of Live Happy Coaching events at McGrail Vineyards with a friend and honestly did not know what to expect.  However, I left with a whole new perspective of my happiness and goals to look forward to be even happier.  Lisa is an amazing speaker.  She’s engaging, genuine, and very compassionate about using her expertise to help others.  Can’t wait to sign up for another date with her!


“I’m a physician with an interest in lifestyle medicine (using nutrition, exercise, and stress management to prevent and treat disease).  I signed up for one of Lisa’s workshops because of the data demonstrating health benefits of a gratitude practice.  She is joyful and inspirational, but more importantly, her advice is practical and grounded in science.  I was so impressed that I asked her to speak to my monthly women’s group. All the attendees were engaged and found the information helpful, and some found it transformational.  Lisa personifies happiness grounded in wisdom and gratitude.


“Besides being a wonderful human being, Lisa possesses the life experience and skills necessary to help anyone create a better, more productive version of themselves. It takes experience, keen intuition, and a much deeper well beyond head knowledge to listen beyond what is being spoken to get to the heart of the issue in whatever holds a person back in allowing them to break through to the future they are trying to create. That is the magic of having a skilled coach. She will keep you accountable and moving forward and that’s why you should hire her!


“I have always had a hard time figuring out how to reach my goals and honestly after speaking to Lisa she has helped me set attainable goals to better my lifestyle and get me closer to where I want to be. Lisa is such a sweetheart and very friendly don’t hesitate to contact her for a consultation you won’t regret it! Thank you Lisa!!


Great Workshop. Lots of great energy and good information. Lisa was awesome!!


“Working with Lisa for the past three months has been amazing! She has a great mixture of positive energy, intuitive listening, compassion, and guidance! I have been able to increase my Overall energy in relation to my health, my career, and my relationships. My level of confidence has increased and I feel extremely positive about moving forward with new skills and tools That work for me!