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Negativity Super Spreader

We live in a world where negativity gets a lot of attention, ALOT.
The more drama, the more conflict, the more scandal, and the more attention it gets. ⁣

We talk about it, we post about it, we listen to it, and we watch it. 

We even go out of our way to get a glimpse of it. Like when we crank our neck to get a peek at the accident on the side of the road or peer over the fence when we hear our neighbors argue. ⁣

What do you do when things don’t go your way?
If you’re like most people, you tell everyone who will listen. You talk about how unfair life is, the injustice of it all. How things like this happen, “all the time”. ⁣

Referring to the negative event long after it occurred. ⁣

You are what I have come to term, a “Negativity Super Spreader”. You take that negativity and you spread it all over the universe using any medium available. ⁣

We all do it, me included. ⁣

Then we spend a good portion of our time complaining about how negative the world is. Funny right? Not really. ⁣

Why do we spread negativity?
Experts believe this can be traced back to our survival instinct. Your brain pays more attention to negative emotions because it’s wired to keep you safe.⁣

This is what researchers refer to as, “emotional contagion”. We mimic, usually without conscious effort, the emotions and expressions of people around us.⁣

If we’re not aware of it, we can literally catch other people’s feelings. For example, if someone is anxious we may start to feel fearful ourselves. ⁣

Feelings are energy. Energy is vibration is felt, not seen. We don’t even have to have a conversation with a person to be affected by their energy.⁣

If emotions are contagious, why not make HAPPINESS contagious instead?

Regardless of how powerful negative energy may appear, I promise you, with your attention, you can create a shift. ⁣

Here are a few easy ways to get started:⁣

1. Start with you. Be kind to yourself. Take time to do things that bring you joy and elevate your mood. You can not give what you do not have.

⁣2. Share a smile. Maybe the easiest way to spread happiness. Make it a point to smile at everyone you see. ⁣

3. Give compliments. Who doesn’t love a compliment? Seek and you will find. Pay attention to the people around you and share with them the good things you notice.⁣

⁣4. Engage in conversations and laughter. “What do you call a bull that naps? – A BULLDOZER!!!” (SO funny). Take the time to engage in playful conversations and share uplifting stories. ⁣

⁣5. Be polite and thankful to everyone. Appreciation makes people feel valued and special. Being polite and thanking people radiates a feeling of happiness for both you and the person. ⁣

⁣6. Do something nice for others. Random acts of kindness are a win=win. Find creative ways to show people you care. Like sharing a meal, or a helping hand. ⁣

⁣7. Listening with intention. Creating a space for people to be heard without judgment is one of the easiest ways to help them feel better about themselves. You don’t have to solve their problems, just listen.⁣

Which suggestion will you choose?? 

Not sure about your happiness?

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