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Positive Intelligence
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PQ Program
for Healthcare

Reduce costs to the healthcare system by reducing the likelihood of burnout and achieving your team’s true potential for wellbeing and performance.

Positive Intelligence
Positive Intelligence Logo

PQ Program
for Healthcare

Reduce costs to the healthcare system by reducing the likelihood of burnout and achieving your team’s true potential for well-being and performance.

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We know you’re busy, so we created this short video to give you an overview of the PQ Mental Fitness Program for greater contribution and wellbeing.

What is Mental Fitness?

Mental Fitness is your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset. When you strengthen the part of your brain that serves you – and quiet the part that sabotages you – you handle life’s challenges with a more positive mindset, less stress, and greater resilience.

“I am more resilient and able to deal with whatever comes my way”

I undertook the 6-week flagship positive intelligence mental fitness programme 6 months ago, I found it hugely beneficial personally and professionally. I am better in myself, calmer in addressing problematic issues/relationships, I am more relaxed and can manage my own response to stress and external stressors better. I am better as a manager both in my relationships with my team and others. I use it every day throughout the day even though I have a really responsible and busy job. I am better when I do the mental fitness exercises at the start of the day, it sets me up for a far better day and I am much more productive as I am more resilient and able to deal with whatever comes my way! It has also benefited me in my personal life…

Maria Lordan Dunphy | Assistant National Director Quality and Patient Safety
Health Services Executive

How is your Mental Fitness impacted?

Saboteurs are the voices in your head that generate negative emotions in the way you handle life’s everyday challenges. They represent automated patterns in your mind for how to think, feel, and respond. They cause all of your stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, restlessness, and unhappiness. They sabotage your performance, wellness, and relationships.

Take the PQ Saboteur assessment.

How is Your Mental Fitness Impacted

Build Powerful Habits for a Positive Mind

Sustained change towards a more positive mind requires laying down neural pathways to form new habits.


Develop a personalized performance plan using your Self-Command and Sage Powers for optimal productivity.


Discover the 3/1 positive to negative ratio required in healthy relationships.


Discover the neuroscience of your mind/body connection. Improve your sleep, diet, and exercise led by Sage strategies.

Mental Fitness is the X-Factor

Shirzad Chamine

Shirzad Chamine, author of the New York Times bestselling book, Positive Intelligence, and Stanford lecturer.

If you’re not physically fit, you’d feel physical stress as you climb a steep hill.

If you’re not mentally fit, you’d feel mental stress, such as anxiety, frustration, or unhappiness, as you handle work and relationship challenges.

The bad news? 80% of people score below the minimum level of mental fitness required for peak performance and happiness.

The great news? With recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and technology, you can now improve your mental fitness significantly within 6 weeks of practice.

The results? Dramatically improved performance and productivity and a calm, clear and happier mind.
I've created a radical new solution that results in dramatic and sustained improvements to your levels of anxiety, frustration or unhappiness.
It's all research-based, including 500,000 participants, and applies the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience and psychology.
You get to have significant, measurable, and lasting improvements in your performance, your relationships and your happiness.

“Positive Intelligence provides a great way to interpret how and why I react the way I do, and more importantly to develop the “brain muscle” to interpret and react differently and better to all life’s challenges – less stress.”

– Eric Bass | University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

“I used a tactile exercise yesterday after an unsuccessful resuscitation in the ER. It was a good way to stop any residual thoughts about the resuscitation and move on with the rest of my shift. Two minutes in the change room and I was ready to go back to work.”

– Dr Dan Eickmeier, BSc, MD, CCFP, FCFP, FRRMS | Rural ER Physician in Southern Ontario

The PQ Operating System

In computing, one Operating System can run a whole suite of applications.

In our approach, Positive Intelligence (PQ) is the Operating System that enables many “applications,” including the development of soft skills and positive mindsets.

The enormous variety of ways people sabotage their own effectiveness and happiness are caused by just 10 factors (Saboteurs). Most people are afflicted with a few Saboteurs.  

More importantly, we’ve discovered that there are only 5 core positive powers (Sage).

To grow your mental fitness, or develop the most critical emotional intelligence, leadership, or sales competencies, all you need to do is weaken your few Saboteurs and grow your 5 positive Sage powers.  

We call this the PQ Operating System, since a few core components result in so many “applications.” This dramatically simplifies personal and professional development. 

We boost your mental fitness through a six-week video/app-guided program involving 15 min/day of practice. 

We focus on weakening your Saboteurs, growing your Sage, and Self-Command.

By the end of these six weeks, you have “installed” this operating system in your own mind and can use its mental muscle building blocks in a variety of work and life applications.

“Mandatory for everyone!”

This is the first programme I would suggest to become mandatory for everyone!

– Céline H., European Commission

“The effects were almost instant”

The program opened my eyes to certain intrinsic negative tendencies I have. Unexpectedly I found myself applying the lessons learned in my relationship with my young kids, my wife, and my mother, and the effects were almost instant.

– Volfi Mizrahi, Bryant Park Capital

“You have changed my life”

You have changed my life. I have a much better understanding of my own mind. I have a far better marriage. And I am in general, so much happier. I think it should be taught in schools. I WOULD HAVE HAD A MUCH BETTER LIFE!

– Chris Stakich Health Academy

The Positive Intelligence (PQ) Program

Designed as a mental fitness bootcamp, the PQ Program gives you the insights, motivation, and structure to practice 15 minutes per day for 6 weeks. 

The program combines weekly video sessions with daily app-guided practices to boost your 3 core mental fitness muscles. 

The Positive Intelligence App

Exclusive App Guiding
Your Daily Practice

Each day a different focus for daily practice is assigned through a personalized app (iOS and Android) available exclusively to program participants. This builds one small muscle at a time, laying down new neural pathways to form lasting positive habits in your mind. The cumulative impact by the program’s end is substantial.

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