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Happiness in Motion

It’s time to work on all of you.

Happiness in Motion

10-Week Group Coaching Program

This program that will transform you from sluggish, stuck and unmotivated into true happiness where you’re inspired, energized and confident that anything is possible!

To Achieve This You 

Will Need 3 Things:

Mindful Movement

Mindful movement allows the mind to focus, engage and be present. It helps to increase your connection with your body and breath without interpretation or judgment. 

Energy Mindset

Learning how to manage your energy will make you a powerful leader in your life. You will learn to inspire yourself and others to achieve extraordinary results in whatever you do.

The Science of Happiness 

In this program you will learn and practice these strategies. You will gain clarity around what happiness means to you, and gain practical ways to integrate sustainable happiness into your life.

Weekly Workout Planning & Group Coaching Strategies

Available for women 18 and older.

What You Get

  • Goal planning for weekly workouts. All levels of fitness and capabilities will be accommodated.
  • 60 minute group coaching session weekly. Covering principles of Mindful Movement, Energy Leadership, Science of Happiness
  • Weekly happiness challenges
  • Accountability for yourself and your new happiness tribe, supporting each other each step of the way
  • Private Facebook Group
Happiness in Motion
Happiness in Motion

Certified Life & Happiness Coach

Program sessions are led by Lisa Lopez, a Certified Life Coach Professional and passionate, competitive runner, Boston Marathoner, and IRONMAN triathlete