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Monthly Topics & Replays

September: A More Confident You


September: A More Confident You

Welcome New Members: Lizette, Leyla, and Kristi. 

Welcome back: Nichole!

Session One Goals:

  1. Why is confidence important?
  2. Identify obstacles
  3. Create your challenge. 

Recommended learning: 

Book: Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

New Connection Buddies:

Questions to consider with your buddy: Emma/Sarah, Bill/Terri, Lizette/Leyla, Laura/Collette, Nichole/Kristi

What method will we use to communicate? Text, phone, Facetime, letters, etc.

How often?  What day?  What time? How long will we meet? What will you discuss? Are there goals you need support with?

Blocks to Confidence:  Rumination, Past Failures/Rejection, Fear of Success/Failure, Comparison, Negative thinking, Lack of Skills/Knowledge, Perfectionism, Lack of Support/Encouragement, Traumatic/Challenging Life Events. 

Challenge: You will create your own by identifying your main obstacle and creating action steps to improve it this month. 


Block to confidence:  Fear of looking stupid when speaking in public

Action steps to overcome it: 

  1. Practice speaking in front of a mirror.
  2. Present in front of a trusted individual and ask for feedback.
  3. Develop positive affirmations to reinforce self-belief and confidence.

Discussion highlights:  We identified the term “just try” as a gentle invitation to build confidence.  Also a reminder, of the Sage Perspective that we don’t know what is good or bad, to lean into the opportunity that perceived failure as an opportunity to grow.

Questions to Consider:

  1. If you had no fear of failure, how would your life be different?  What would you do? Who would you be?


Session One AM 

Session One PM

Building Confidence Through Positive Self-Talk

Session Two Goals:

  1. Define negative self-talk and its impact on confidence.
  2. Negative Self Inventory: What are your patterns?
  3. Negative Self Talk Challenge


Book: For Thinkers & Feelers  Self Love Poetry by Melody Godfred

Steps for your challenge:

  1. Pick one area from the negative self-talk inventory to focus on.
  2. Triggers: Identify what triggers the negative self-talk for you.
  3. Counterarguments: What evidence or alternative perspectives can you offer to challenge your self-talk?
  4. Coping strategies: What strategies or techniques can you employ to counteract negative self-talk and promote self-compassion and self-acceptance?

No AM Session

Session Two PM