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Monthly Topics & Replays

October: Scarcity & Abundance

  1. October: Scarcity vs. Abundance Mindset

    Session One Goals:

    1. What is a scarcity mindset?
    2. What are the signs?
    3. Identify your scarcity and reframe limiting beliefs.

    Reflection exercise:

    • Select one category in your life 
    • Under this category reflect and answer the following questions:
    • Do you feel a sense of lack of limitation or scarcity in this area?
    • How does this mindset affect your thoughts, emotions, and actions in this area?
    • Are there specific examples or situations that come to mind where a scarcity mindset has influenced your decisions or behaviors?
    • Write down your limiting beliefs
    • What are the consequences of holding onto these beliefs and how is it limiting your potential?

New Connection Buddies:

Questions to consider with your buddy:  Bill/Emma, Lizette/Collette, Laura/Leyla, Paula/Sarah/Terri

What method will we use to communicate? Text, phone, Facetime, letters, etc.

How often?  What day?  What time? How long will we meet? What will you discuss? Are there goals you need support with?

Abundance Challenge:  Everyday post in the group using this specific format:  “I am grateful for ___, it is here for ME! 

Acknowledging the good things in life are here for you, it allows you to shift into more abundance in your head, and in your heart.


Session One PM 

Session Two Goals:

1. Visualize your IDEAL abundant life. Use this guided visualization: 

Reflection exercise: 

1. Identify ONE area from your abundant life visualization to focus on.

2. Create ONE bold action you can take right now to move you closer to that vision. 

3. Create accountability with your buddy or someone else to help ensure success.

4. Move on to your next BOLD action once the 1st one is completed. 

Recommendations from the group:

Podcast: Hidden Brain – Enemies of Gratitude


Session Two AM

Session TWO PM