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Monthly Topics & Replays


July: Saboteur Contagion & Tricks of the Saboteur

Session One: Saboteur Contagion Worksheet

Challenge: Select a Saboteur from someone in your contagion circle to learn more about through your PQ app.

Discussion highlights:  We went over Saboteur descriptions and used the Saboteur Contagion worksheet to identify those who are we are commonly in contagion.

New Connection buddies assigned: Collette/Emma, Laura/Sarah/Sharon,  Nichole/Cindy, Terri/Paula

Homework – Create your buddy agreement. 

Questions to consider:

What method will we use to communicate? Text, phone, Facetime, letters, etc.

How often?  What day?  What time? How long will we meet? What will you discuss? Are there goals you need support with?

7/11/23 Replay

7/12/23 Replay

Session Two: Tricks of the Saboteur – Assumptions

Discussion highlights: We discussed assumptions and the impact they have on our lives and relationships.  We did a partner exercise to demonstrate the point.

Challenge: Identify and challenge the assumptions you discover by

asking the following questions: 

1. What evidence supports this assumption?

2. Is this assumption based on personal experience or hearsay?

3. Are there alternative explanations or perspectives to consider?

4. How might this assumption impact your interactions with the person/group involved?

7/25/23 Replay